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Box turtles are fairly easy to keep, as they have fewer housing needs than some other turtles. They don’t care much for the confines of captivity and prefer to be kept outside. They should be given as much room as possible, which means a turtle pen may be the best housing option. However, if your box turtle must be kept inside, a large glass aquarium can be a suitable home.

If you decide to build an outside turtle pen, an enclosure that is 4 feet by 4 feet is a perfect size. Build a simple frame with walls that are about 2 feet off the ground and extend at least a foot under the ground, as box turtles are great diggers and could possibly dig their way to freedom. A cover is optional but will provide good security if the pen is ever approached by another animal, such as a dog or a raccoon.

Natural plants are a nice addition to any turtle home. Using perennials is a great idea and will save you the hassle of worrying about replacement plants. The housing should also include a water bowl. Make sure the bowl you choose is sturdy or else your box turtle will constantly be knocking it over and be left without water for a time. Finally, a hide area is a necessary component, which can be easily created using some large rocks that have been cemented together.

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