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Handling of Green Iguana

It should be relatively simple for you to pick up and hold your green iguana, but there is a proper technique. First, use your two hands to support the underside of the iguana, one hand under the chest area and the other around the vent area. In addition, use the hand that’s supporting the vent area to support the tail. The larger the iguana is, the bigger and heavier his tail will be, so it becomes increasingly more important to provide tail support when lifting your pet.

Pay careful attention to the iguana’s claws when handling him. If he is holding on to anything (a branch, cage wire, fabric, etc.), he is probably using his claws to maintain that grip. To move him, do not simply try to pull him away from whatever he is holding. Instead, gently unhook each of his claws from the object, using your fingers. This method will prevent the iguana’s claws from ripping out and his legs from being injured.

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