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Housing of Green Anole

Although green anoles are rather small, they require a fairly large cage because they are very active lizards. For example, a 10-gallon aquarium is really only big enough to house one green anole. Anoles enjoy climbing and jumping, so an enclosure with a lot of vertical space is best, and this type of housing will allow you the best view of your pet. The top of the cage should be made of one-quarter inch wire mesh.

The bottom of the tank should be covered with a substrate that retains some moisture. Potting soil, top soil, bark mulch, and recycled paper are all good choices. Using soil as a substrate can also help to decorate your tank, as it is easy to get plants to grow in a soil substrate. One of the best plants to have in a terrarium is a philodendron, because they are attractive and almost indestructible. Schefflera, bromeliads, and a variety of vines also make nice additions to terrariums.

Lighting and heating are vital components of a green anole enclosure. A full-spectrum fluorescent light should be placed right above the lid of the cage. These lights will provide a light that is very similar to natural sunlight, including ultraviolet light, which promotes calcium metabolism. In addition, you should place an incandescent light at one end of the cage to provide heat. By placing it on one side of the cage, your green anole can self-regulate his internal temperature. The basking area should be about 90°F, while the rest of the tank should average a temperature of approximately 72 to 80°F.

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