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Feeding of Chameleons

Chameleons are carnivores. In the wild, they feed on a variety of insects, spiders, mites, millipedes, earthworms and small lizards. A good assortment of these foods can be purchased at any pet store. Most chameleons today are also fed crickets, as they are inexpensive and very readily available. One of the keys to keeping a healthy chameleon is to provide a varied diet, so mixing crickets in with a diet that mimics their diet in the wild is a good idea.

Feed your chameleon once or twice a day. Serve the food in a bowl that is attached to a branch. This will allow the chameleon to peer down into the bowl and snatch up their prey in a relatively natural way.

While chameleons need a water supply, most of them will not drink from a water dish, as this is not the way they intake water in the wild. In their natural environment, chameleons catch water droplets that fall from or accumulate on leaves or plants. Many hobbyists try to mimic this in captivity by misting the terrarium once or twice a day. Other chameleon owners use drip waterers with their pet. These will supply a constant drip of water onto a leaf, which the lizard can consume as he wishes.

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