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Captive Bred Morphs

When a human breeds a type of reptile and develops a new color or pattern, it is called a “morph.” However, not all morphs are the result of human involvement. Some occur as a result of spontaneous genetic mutations in the wild. The first morph produced in captivity was the albino ball python in 1992. Since then, the popularity of morphs has only increased. Many hobbyists are anxious to get their hands on the latest variety of their favorite reptile.

Some morphs take several years to produce. Many breeders work slowly and carefully to develop fantastic new patterns and colorings. However, some morphs get named several times, and some sellers will give new names to even the slightest of variations, all in the hopes of making more money. Be careful to investigate before making a purchase, particularly because new morphs can be exorbitantly expensive, although most varieties become affordable for the average hobbyist before too long.

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