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Green treefrogs are insectivores, meaning they only eat insects and other small invertebrates. In the wild, these frogs will consume moths, crickets, spiders, caterpillars, flies, roaches, and just about any other similar item that crosses their path. This diet would be virtually impossible to mimic in captivity, but a captive diet can be similar, including things like crickets, fly larvae, and mealworms.

Crickets should be the main fare in your treefrog’s diet. They come in a variety of sizes (the crickets you feed should be no longer than the length of your frog’s head) and are readily available from a variety of sources, such as pet stores, bait shops, and online suppliers. Keep in mind that crickets will happily nibble on your treefrog if given the opportunity, so be sure to place several chunks of potato or orange in the tank along with the crickets when its time to feed your treefrog, and the crickets should eat these things instead.

Fly larvae are available from mail order and online suppliers, and they make an excellent, nutritious addition to your green treefrog’s diet. To feed these maggots to your frog, place several of them at a time in a shallow dish in his terrarium. Even if the maggots have a chance to pupate and turn into flies, your frog will still enjoy eating them.

If you feed your treefrog mealworms, they should be small so they will be less likely to injure the frog with their sharp mandibles. To feed mealworms, put about half a dozen of them in a dish with steep sides so they can’t escape, and place them in the terrarium.

For more information, read Quick & Easy Green Treefrog Care (T.F.H. Publications, Inc.).

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