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It is up to you whether you want to use a simple type of housing for your toad or give him a more elaborate home. A basic setup consists simply of a cage containing a moisture-retaining substrate, such as sphagnum moss or paper towels. This type of housing is very simple to take care of, requiring little more than a substrate change as often as necessary. However, such a simple setup does not allow the toad the opportunity to perform natural behaviors, such as swimming and hiding. More elaborate housing can provide a home that is closer to the natural environment of a fire-bellied toad.

 No matter what your toad’s enclosure looks like, it should include a land area and a swimming area. The easiest way to create a swimming area is to place a large water bowl in the cage. You will need to provide an easy way for the toad to enter and leave the water. Placing stones or driftwood in the water is an easy solution. The water will need to be changed daily.

 Care should be taken to make sure your toad’s home is always kept at an appropriate temperature. Generally, fire-bellied toads will be content at room temperature, but an ideal temperature at the warmest part of the tank would be 75°F. This can easily be achieved by placing a low-wattage lamp at one end of the tank (over a land section, not water) that keeps that area at about 75°F and allowing the temperature to decrease from there. That way, the toad can wander about as he pleases, changing his temperature when necessary.

 Additional items you may want to put in your toad’s cage include driftwood for climbing, and plants (both terrestrial and aquatic).

For more information, read Quick & Easy Fire-Bellied Toad Care (T.F.H. Publications, Inc.).

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