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Yorkshire Terriers

Dogs - Yorkshire Terriers Yorkshire Terriers are small toy dogs with silken coats of blue and tan. They are very agile, which helps keep them from getting stepped on around the house. They are also good hunters, always ready to track down a mouse (or just about any other small creature), if necessary. Be careful to keep them away from larger animals or other dogs, as they can be quite aggressive and may get wounded or worse.

Yorkshire Terriers have an extremely good sense of hearing and will often hear someone approaching long before their owner does. Despite their small size, this trait makes the Yorkie a good watchdog. He will also staunchly defend his owner, often seeming not to realize the smallness of his stature.

While Yorkies are certainly trainable, these tiny dogs have quite an independent streak to them and can be stubborn. If it is important to you that your dog be reliably obedient, a Yorkie may not be the right choice for you. They are, however, faithful, sweet companions that will provide laughter, entertainment, and love for an individual or an entire family.

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