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Shih Tzu

Dogs - Shih Tzu The average Shih Tzu weighs between 9 and 16 pounds and stands between 8 and 11 inches. While Shih Tzu come in many different colors, they are most commonly gold and white or black and white.

Shih Tzu do very well in just about any environment. They are certainly suitable for an apartment, as they take up very little space and don't require much exercise. They are essentially "lap dogs" and will happily spend most of their time doing just about nothing, if given the chance. For most Shih Tzu, the only activity they really enjoy doing is following their owner as she goes about her daily routine. They enjoy companionship and dislike being left alone for extended periods of time.

Shih Tzu should be groomed daily, if possible. A short grooming session each day will keep your pup's coat looking smooth and shiny and avoid the need for extensive grooming sessions. Grooming is also a great way to bond with your Shih Tzu and will provide a time you both can enjoy together.

Shih Tzu are generally happy little dogs. They don't require much more than a good meal, a quick daily grooming session, and some love and attention. A Shih Tzu can make a great pet for any person looking for a dog to love.

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