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Dogs - Pugs Pugs were not bred to be working dogs or guard dogs. These dogs aim to please, so they will try hard to accomplish any task put before them, but if they are struggling it’s best to put an end to it. They would much rather sit in your lap and just enjoy spending time with you. Spending time with the people they love is very important to Pugs. They are not loners and can quickly develop problems, such as separation anxiety, if left alone too often.

While there are certain medical conditions that any breed of dog can develop, Pugs are particularly prone to several, including eye problems and breathing problems. They are susceptible to entropion, a condition where the eyelashes grow inward and can scratch the eye, which is correctable by surgery. Their breathing problems are caused by their short, flat face, which can result in an elongated soft palate, which will obstruct their airways and make it difficult for them to breathe.

Pugs tend to look sad or mad, but don't be deceived by their wrinkly faces—these dogs are happy, gentle, and sweet. They love to be in the center of activity, aware of everything that's going on. These friendly dogs make great pets and can bring joy to any family or individual.

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