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German Shepherd Dogs

German Shepherd Dogs German Shepherd Dogs are hugely popular—about 250,000 new breed members are born in any five-year period. The average male German Shepherd stands 25 inches at the highest point of the shoulder blade, while the female stands 23 inches at the highest point of the shoulder blade. Some people assume that bigger German Shepherds are somehow better than smaller ones, but this is not true.

German Shepherd Dogs come in a variety of coat types, but only one is acceptable if the dog will be shown: a medium-length double coat. His outer coat can be wavy or wiry and should be thick and close to his body. German Shepherds shed year-round, so they should be avoided as pets for those who will not be fastidious groomers. A mixture of black and tan is the standard German Shepherd coat color, and they usually have a black face mask.

Known for their intelligence, German Shepherds are self-confident, fearless dogs that will stand their ground in the face of any danger. They make superb guard dogs and will fight to the death to protect their owners. However, they are also loving and gentle to those they love and are fiercely loyal once their heart has been won. German Shepherds also have many roles other than family pet. They commonly work as police dogs, sheepdogs, and seeing-eye dogs.

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