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Dogs - BoxersBoxers are medium-sized, muscular dogs. Females can range in weight from 50 to 65 pounds, while males can be 65 to 80 pounds. They have highly expressive faces, particularly accented by their dark brown, intelligent eyes. Boxers have short coats that are commonly seen in the colors of fawn and brindle.
The Boxer is a very dignified and confident dog, which is a huge part of his appeal to many people. He has a great sense of hearing and is completely in tune with the world around him, which makes him a superb guard dog. The well-trained Boxer is willing to protect and defend his home and those he loves, but he will not be generally aggressive.
Boxers were bred to be guard dogs and hunting companions, so a well-bred Boxer will have extremely high amounts of energy, a high pain tolerance, a good amount of problem-solving ability, and courage, strength, and determination. If these traits appeal to you, a Boxer may be the right breed for you. To maintain and further develop the Boxer’s natural traits, make sure he gets a significant amount of exercise, and always maintain a high degree of discipline with him.

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