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Are You Ready?

Dogs - Are You Ready?Are you ready to take on the responsibility of being a dog parent? Use the following quiz to help you decide whether dog ownership is the right choice for you.

1) What is the main reason you’re interested in owning a dog?
to provide a warm and loving environment for a dog who needs a home.
to teach yourself or another member of your household to be responsible.
to have a loyal companion to enjoy dog-related activities with, like taking walks or playing catch.

2) How would you decide what food to feed your dog?
I would research the different types of food and then choose the brand that would best meet his nutritional needs.
I would buy whatever is on sale.
I would buy a few different types and see which one my dog seemed to like the best.

3) It is 5:00 AM on a cold February morning and your dog is scratching at the door to go outside. You are snuggled under the covers and the last thing you want to do right now is get up and let him out. You:
let him out and stand by the door until he’s ready to come back in.
put the pillow over your head to muffle the scratching noises and try to get a little more sleep.
let him out and then jump right back in bed. You’ll get up to let him back in when your alarm goes off in another hour or so.

4) When it comes to training and disciplining your dog, you intend to:
be encouraging of all praise-worthy activity and consistent when it comes to boundaries.
make use of verbal reprimands and a rolled-up newspaper whenever necessary.
let him do what he wants until something he does annoys you.

5) When my dog isn’t everything I hoped he’d be, I will:
love him for everything that he is and work on correcting any problem behaviors by using positive reinforcement.
drop him off at the nearest animal shelter.
do my best to make him into what I want him to be.