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Feline FIV

Cats - Feline FIVThis disease is sometimes referred to as Feline AIDS, but it has no real connection with the human AIDS virus. It does, however, mimic some of the symptoms associated with AIDS. A blood test can determine whether your cat is infected. FIV is mostly spread through bites, so it is more common in outdoor cats and unlikely that an indoor cat will be infected.
As long as your cat visits the veterinarian regularly, he can live for many years after being diagnosed with FIV. Being diligent about veterinary visits is very important however, as FIV affects a cat’s immune system and makes him more susceptible to catching other illnesses.
Currently, there is no cure for FIV, but much research is being conducted on the topic, especially because of the similarities between this disease and HIV in humans. Until a cure is found, there are several treatment options for FIV that your veterinarian will able to share with you.