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Cats - TonkineseTonkinese cats were originally bred by mixing a Burmese cat with a Siamese cat, a fact still hinted at today by the Tonk’s aqua eyes, silky coat, and playful personality. Tonkinese cats are intelligent and have a serious side, but they also have a great sense of humor. They love to be the center of attention and make their people laugh. This kind of cat is a great choice for families with children. Tonks are active and will enjoy spending time playing with children. They are also tolerant and not high-strung. These cats really love to play, including games like fetch and hide-and-seek.
While they tend to be less talkative than Siamese cats, Tonks enjoy a good conversation. They often seem to talk in sentences and paragraphs when they are attempting to communicate. If they feel you are not listening to them, their intelligence will surely enable them to find another way, whether good or bad, to get their message across.
Tonks make good pets for just about any household, even those with other Tonks or other pets. Any other member of the family, whether animal or human, can be a playtime for this active kitty. And as active as they are, Tonks will also happily spend an afternoon snuggled up in a comfortable spot, usually a nice, warm lap.

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