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Cats - BirmanBirmans are very gentle, affectionate cats. While it is rare for a cat to make eye contact, Birmans will often stare their owner straight in the eye as a way of communicating love. They are also very sociable and love to spend time with people and form deep, strong, relationships with their owners. You will often find them underfoot when you’re working in the kitchen or plunking themselves down on top of a book you are trying to read.
Birmans will find a way to turn just about any activity into a game. They love to play and enjoy a variety of different toys. Some Birmans will even learn to fetch! Since kittens tend to be more active than adult cats it’s a great idea to encourage your cat to play a lot when he is younger, so it will be easier to coax him into exercising when he is older and really needs the activity to avoid weight gain.
Birmans make great pets for families with children because of patience and tolerance, but their gentle, polite, and sensitive ways also make them good companion animals for senior citizens.

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