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Are You Ready?

Cats - Are You Ready?Are you ready to take on the responsibility of owning a cat? Do you really understand all that cat ownership includes? Do you know how to take care of a cat? Take this quiz to see if cat ownership is the right choice for you.  

1) Your kitten seems to take pleasure in scratching every piece of furniture that you own—especially your favorite ones. You:
yell at him and spray him with a water bottle every time he goes near any furniture.
carry him to his scratching post every time he starts to attack the furniture.
section off a small area of the laundry room. Your cat will have to stay in there until he’s learned his lesson.

2) You realize that dental care is an important part of your cat’s healthcare, but every time you attempt to brush your cat’s teeth, he hisses at you and then runs away. You:
hold him down and force your fingers in his mouth. You figure if you really love your cat, you’ll do whatever is necessary to keep his teeth clean.
try to slowly acclimate him to the brushing process by letting him lick some toothpaste and adding a bit more brushing every time.
give up. If he doesn’t care about his teeth, why should you?

3) You notice your cat has put on a few pounds. You:
take him to the vet. No problem is too small for the vet!
make sure you spend more time playing with him so he gets the exercise that he needs, and watch his food intake carefully to be sure he’s getting enough food but not too much.
put him on a diet. A few days without food should do the trick.

4) You’ve started entering your purebred cat in cat shows. He’s a beautiful cat and would have a real chance of winning, if only he didn’t shake like a leaf and try to run away every time he stands in front of the judges. You:
admit that your cat just isn’t show material. From now on, you and he will spend your weekends together at home on the couch.
admit that your cat just isn’t show material. You’re disappointed, but you’re still excited to see what other fun activities you can participate in together.
keep taking him to shows. He should get used to the whole ordeal after a while.

5) You are going away for the weekend to visit your sister, who lives about an hour’s drive from your house. You know your cat is scared of the car and other unfamiliar places and would much rather stay home, but you would miss him! Your sister is willing to let you bring the cat to her house. You:
bring him with you. He’ll be scared for a little while, but you’ll be there to comfort him.
leave him home and have the neighbor check in on him once a day. As much as you’d love to bring him with you, you know he’ll be better off at home.
drop him off at the animal shelter on your way out of town. Cats are just too much trouble to bother with.