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Cat Shows

Cat ShowsSome cat owners are intrigued by the excitement and competition of cat shows. They love the idea of having their cat judged and maybe even coming home with a ribbon or trophy! Well, the good news is that any cat can be shown,  whether purebred or mixed breed.
Cat associations generally divide cats into four showing groups: Kittens (pedigreed kittens   aged four to eight months), Championship (pedigreed, registered, unaltered cats over eight months old), Premiership (pedigreed, registered, altered cats over eight months old), and Household Pets (altered, usually mixed-breed cats).
In order to compete, your cat must be registered with a cat association. There are many to choose from, each with their positives and negatives. Each association’s registry has its own guidelines, and you will also need to check the rules for the particular cat show you are interested in competing in. Most registries state that older cats must be spayed or neutered, but this is not always the case. Many also state that the cats should not be declawed.
There are a lot of details involved in competing in cat shows, so be careful not to let your cat get lost in the shuffle. Your cat will need positive reinforcement to get him through show days. Never punish him if he’s having an “off” day or doesn’t do as well as you expected, for whatever reason. While it would certainly be fun for your cat to win, your goal at every show should be to have fun and deepen the bond between you and your cat.