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About Us

Pet University is a member of Central Garden & Pet Company's family of consumer brands, and much of the content provided on this site comes from the publishing experience of TFH Publications. TFH Publications has been at the forefront of pet publishing for over half a century, creating and sustaining quality publications for owners of a wide variety of companion animals. Pet University is able to draw from the experience of select TFH Publications authors and editors, including the following:


Teoti Anderson, CPDT, is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer and the owner of Pawsitive Results, L.L.C., in Lexington, South Carolina ( A professional dog trainer for more than 13 years, she is the author of Your Outta Control Puppy and the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) award-winning Quick & Easy Crate Training. Teoti is past president of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and enjoys visiting local health care facilities with her Labrador Retriever and cat. She serves as a training consultant to rescue organizations and gives canine behavior and instructor presentations at conferences across the country.

Trish King
Trish is the Director of the Animal Behavior & Training Department at the Marin Humane Society in Marin County, California. She established the Canine Consultant/Instructor Academy at the Marin Humane Society (MHS) for new or interested trainers, which covers training theory and techniques, handling dogs, and teaching people. She is a member of the panel that put together the Delta Society's Professional Standards for Dog Trainers: Effective, Humane Principles. She has also spoken nationally at several well-known venues, including conferences held by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and the Humane Society of the United States.

Diane Morgan
Diane is an assistant professor of philosophy and religion at Wilson College, Chambersburg, PA. She has authored numerous books on canine care and nutrition and has also written many breed books, horse books, cat books, and books on Eastern philosophy and religion. She is an avid gardener (and writes about that, too). Diane lives in Williamsport, Maryland, with several dogs, two cats, some fish, and a couple of humans.

Robert Sprackland
Dr. Robert George Sprackland has studied herpetology and paleontology at the University of Kansas (BA), San José State University (MA), and University College London (Ph.D.), where he conducted the bulk of his research at the Natural History Museum, London. He is Director of The Virtual Museum of Natural History at, a non-profit scientific and educational organization that provides species accounts and conducts tropical biodiversity surveys, principally in Australia and New Guinea. He has published several books and some of his fieldwork was featured on the television show O'Shea's Big Adventure. He has also served as a zoological consultant to BBC and the Discovery Channel producers.


David E. Boruchowitz – Senior Aquatics Editor, T.F.H. Publications
David has over 12 years of experience at T.F.H. In addition to his book editing responsibilities, he is Editor-in-Chief of Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine, a position he has held for more than 6 years. He has been writing books and articles for more than 20 years and has more than 50 years’ experience as an aquarist. His fish collection is best described as eclectic; he has never met a fish he didn’t like. Popular as both an author and a speaker nation wide, he regularly speaks at conventions and aquarium society and club meetings. He holds an MA in Linguistics and a BA in Psychology from Cornell University.

Craig Sernotti- Aquatics Editor, T.F.H. Publications
Craig Sernotti graduated from The College of New Jersey in 2002 with a BA in English and a minor in Journalism. After working various editorial jobs, he joined T.F.H. Publications, where he is currently employed as the Aquatics Editor. Craig lives in New Jersey with his wife, his rescued dog and cat, and his aquariums.

Mary Grangeia – Cat, Horse, and Small Animal Editor, T.F.H. Publications
Mary has five years of experience at TFH. She is responsible for all books in the cat, horse, and small animal categories. Her duties include editing of books, author interaction, contract negotiation, and new title acquisition. Prior to TFH, she worked nine years at IEEE Publications, a non-profit technical institute, as a senior editor. She has run a freelance editing service and has written and produced for television. She holds a B.F.A in English Literature and Film and Television at New York University.

Stephanie Fornino - Dog Editor
Stephanie has been an editor with T.F.H. Publications for five years, where she is part of the dog department and also the editorial copy coordinator. Her responsibilities include editing titles, acquiring new books, negotiating contracts, and working with freelance copy editors and indexers. She holds a B.A. in English from Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA.

Tom Mazorlig - Reptiles, Amphibians & Birds Editor T.F.H. Publications
Tom has been at TFH for more than seven years. In his time at TFH he has edited books and was Editor-in-Chief of Reptile and Amphibian Hobbyist. Prior to his TFH tenure, he logged over ten years of pet store experience. He is a life-long pet owner, has bred seven species of reptiles, and currently lives with tortoises, snakes, and cats. He holds a B.S. in Biology from Cornell University.

Heather Russell-Revesz - Senior Dog Editor, T.F.H. Publications
Heather has been at T.F.H. for four years. She is responsible for new title acquisition, editing of dog books, coordination of projects among the editorial team, and outreach to the greater professional dog community (including dog trainers and writers). She holds an M.A. from the College of New Jersey and a B.A. from the University of California at Los Angeles in English Literature.